Cameron Seebach






FAWM 2023, here we come! I'll be out of the country in Lithuania for the first week of Feb this year and am likely aiming for a 5-6 song FAWM as a result.

Hi, I'm spirulence, and I make 80's inspired #synthpop with a heavy dose of silly. I also play the #blues #harmonica. Sometimes these mix.

I organized an event in January of this year called JWAMM, where a few of us got together for a weekend of Zoom fun and learning around music - I'm planning to run an event like it in June before 50/90. More on those plans around the end of February!


Nice to meet! I look forward to some blues harmonica.
You were quick off the mark there! Sounds great, looking forward to this one!
Hi Cameron! Thank you for the kind message. I definitely think a little bit of time pressure really helps me get things out there. Let me know if you end up hosting anything in San Diego -- I'd love to join!
Hello! I am very much looking forward to your songs this year -- I'm always ahuge fan of your awesome synthpop! Here's wishing you a very prolific FAWM, so I have more to enjoy!
Hey! I wish you a beautiful and creative Feb!
It's been a while. Looking forward to your output.
Have great FAWM Cameron!
Happy FAWM Cameron!
Hey, Cameron! Happy FAWM!

Let me know if you'd like to borrow a 4-track recorder for FAWM, we can try to meet somewhere between Bodega Bay and SF if you're interested!