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Influences: lava lamps, nag champa, melancholy prog rock, country songs about beer, and a smattering of guitar heroes

I've been FAWMing since 2015, using various names.

Current listening: I've been SUPER into Mariel Buckley's "Driving in the Dark" album.

My guidelines for myself this year:
∙ Give instrumentation and instrumental melody the attention they deserve. Maybe even write a few instrumental pieces.
∙ Sing comfortably.
∙ Don't be afraid to write in first person.
∙ If you have the time, don't let yourself be satisfied with just a chorus and a couple verses if the song wants more.

Notes to self:
✅ Finish 14 songs (14/14)
✅ Figure out this year's theme/guidelines
✅ World Play Your Ukulele Day on Feb 2
✅ Cassette 4-track challenge
✅ Digital 4-track challenge
✅ Oracle challenge
☑️ Sci-fi theme challenge
☑️ d20 challenge
✅ Mega Man 2 challenge
✅ zecoop drums
✅ Fake-it challenge



> Wow, I can't imagine looking at a list of 200 verses and deciding to sing them all. Well done!

Thanks! I maintain that it was the fastest available option for this project. I'm looking for ways to script a singing vocal synth, but I think I'm at least hours of work away from that kind of solution.
Hi Whisp. Do you mind if I put "Lines on Paper" on my Bandcamp demos page? Can I credit you, and if so, what name would you like to use?
Re: the 4-track. Sorry about that. On the bus home now. I'll send the stem to you when I get home.
Hi @whispermouse , here's my solo track, the rough mix (to show you what goes where in case it doesn't sync up) and the notes. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1wPQsGQa2leP4jJ8yfF-85GnY18qUgPom/view?usp=sharing . I'll also post this on the forum. Can't wait to hear what you do with all this.
Hey @whispermouse here's my solo track for the 4 Track Challenge:
Looking forward to the final cut!
It's true though. Winter is from roughly November to April... *sigh*
Thanks so much for the feedback and the reccomendation for my first tune this year! Really appreciate it
Cheers for the mixdown, I'll get right down to recording :)
Thanks!!! Appreciate the kind words.
Hi there! Both mixdown and stems are uploaded now, right here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1lfxLIN_qynwFn0SIfWhoM7DIeVCljdGE?usp=share_link
Hellu! Wanted to check in before the challenge, I wish you best of luck!
Hi there, just saying hello ahead of the 4-track challenge. Best wishes for a good month's writing. Jon
FAWMseason greetings. Have fab-feb!
That is one cool old tenor resonator guitar for sure!!!
Not too many tenor guitar players out there... Neko Case comes to mind but she doesn't play a Reso I think it's an old Gibson electric.
You likely contain both real and imaginary components. It's complex.
Hello and happy FAWM to you!
Gave it a spin. That's a mighty fine record.