We're just three increasingly busy guys writing pop songs in our bedrooms. We've been making music together for a while and FAWM is the main outlet for our music. Get it while it's hot baybee.

This year we're hoping to get the target, but time together to write and record is challenging - let's see what happens. We first started fawming in 2006, we do try and comment and are more likely to return comments. Especially those that make an effort :)

We're trying to stick to a few rules to both help us and challenge us:

Only 4 instrumentation stems in use at any one time in the song, for example the verse might have drums, bass, guitar and vocal, The chorus might have drums bass piano and vocal.

No distortion/overdrive.

Single tracked voices only. We have a double tracking habit that is beyond repair, so drastic measures are taken.

Write at least one song on a different tuning.

We completed our first FAWM in 2006, back in the days of the Pink Cowboy.

If you want more you can check out last year's selection of songs on our Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/plushbaby/sets/2023-demos.

And if you're really taken by what you hear you can head to our rather confusing website http://plushbaby.org/

Peace, love and thanks for the comments. We really appreciate people connecting and offering constructive criticism and hope we can return the favour!



"A double track habit that is beyond repair" sounds familiar lol, I've also tried to cut down on double tracking this year 🙃
Hey, thanks listening to ‘Try Again’ Happy you like it! Maybe there will be a longer version someday :) For now there are more new songs to be written. Happy FAWMing guys!
Thank you kindly for the many nice words on my track!
Hey thanks for the feedback. Yeah. I'm an adhd whirlwind when writing a song thanks for complimenting the ohhs and breakdowns and stuff. Yeah those are live drums... peace y'all
Please don’t wait till Feb 29th this year guys. Hope to hear a PlushBaby tune right from the start.
Hey PlushBaby! Hope you're all doing well! I'm hoping for some gems from you this month! No pressure!