BIO: Hi! My name's Chris, but I record as 'Kiffa' (a lifelong family nickname)-- you can call me either.

I started writing and recording music in my bedroom as a teenager in the late '80s. Back then, I never could have imagined that anyone outside of my close circle of friends would ever hear any of it. Although the internet has changed that, I still approach making music in much the same way: I do it for myself, and I'm not trying to make it into anything more than a hobby. My abilities as a musician and as a producer are limited, but I try to make the most that I can out of them. FAWMing since 2008, 50/90ing since... now.

My style leans towards #80s #synthpop. Lately I've been unable to connect my hardware to my computer in order to record, so I've been using online #sequencers to create my demos, and my phone to record vocals. This doesn't always give me quite the results I was hoping for, but it has sufficed so far.

If my wishy-washiness hasn't sent you running away yet, welcome, and enjoy the relatively lo-fi goodness.



FAWMseason greetings Chris. Have a funFAWM.
Thanks for checking in!