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Bassist, Vegetarian, Linux user (Arch btw), Synthesizer geek, Monster Energy drinker, owner of 3 Blahaj.

"I am smoking weed." *The loudest noise you've ever heard*

Goals this year:
- More challenges
- Make something cohesive
- Collab with people
- Have fun

Muse Challenge
Random Collab - halfway
Video Collab - almost
Digital 4-Track ✔️
F Am
Movie Title - "Wolfcop"
2x4 ✔️
First Fruits ✔️
Comments First - currently trying to synthesize a cannon
Preemptively: Slothcore ✔️ and Cowcore
2021: a messy 14 😬
2022: 13/14
2023: 14/14, plus 4 WIP’s

2022: 37/50 while recovering from top surgery 🥳
2023: stuff came up. 5?
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"Friendly Alien" (Digital 4-track challenge) by @rinwolf +3 more #digital4track
Man Hand Door Hand Hook Slothcore by @rinwolf #slothcore #bass #instrumental
my (III) girlfriends. And yes, they smoke weed by @rinwolf #fawmtronica #instrumental #commentsfirst


Oh yeah, I haven’t yet delved much
Into ASMR much, but did I just do that?! Nice to know so I can better define some of what I’ve been doing at least a bit more ;)
Thanks for your kind words re: my recording, I’m finding since loading GB onto my phone, converting the files to MP3 w an app called media convert and using the dinky mic on my cheapo Sony headphones has allowed me to record much faster. I mean it’s not pro
quality, but portable and not too
many hoops to jump through which O believe
Works for these musical sketches. I just hope I don’t brick my phone with too many files, haha!
Hey Rin, you did a great job on the drums and producing the 4 track. It makes me laugh to hear it again!
Thanks for your comments on YOLOcrian! A couple of people have mentioned video game music but I’m not a gamer at all, so might need to start checking out some soundtracks
I hope you get some good use out of it!

There are things LMMS can't do well. Of note, it has support for audio tracks, but doesn't support recording them. (While it wants to be a DAW, I tend to think of it more as a modern tracker.) Still, what it does do, it does really well. It certainly keeps me coming back to it. 😄
One of the things I frequently revisit is the use of a quick and dirty script to generate a Lilypond file (normally used for sheet music), processing that to get MIDI, then feeding the MIDI in to LMMS. It's a totally different direction to work from, and it stretches me in different ways than my usual workflow. (It helps that it isn't a particularly slow process.)

I thought I'd mention it because it's one of those things that appeals to my Linux aesthetics, but it boils down to "I know I should learn a livecoding language, but I can whip up a BASH or Python script for this really easily." (That last part, honestly, may be at the heart of my Linux aesthetic.)
Regarding my slothcore song, I did the whole thing in LMMS. I would expect it to have a native package in Arch, but if not you can always download the source from https://lmms.io/

The virtual instruments baked in to LMMS just make it easy. I tend to go there first when that's what I need, (though I do use Ardour for vocal recording and mixing). With LMMS I can focus on the sound and not "what virtual instrument do I need to install, from where, and will it be a surprising resource hog?"
Thx for the review - one correction though, The Calico Cats is the bandname for our collaborations, and this is for her "person RPG", not to be confused with her other RPG which is the cat one :)
Hi and happy FAWM, It looks like we're in a 4 track with you as the final. Just touching base.
Hi! Welcome back to you as well! Good luck and inspiration :)
Hey, Rin - Excited for random collab-ing together. I'm pretty much up for anything including coming up with a lyric from any kind of starting point you like: title, musical phrase, chorus, piece of music, or nothing at all. What sounds good to you? My email is nancycunningham1451@gmail.com
Great to see you back for another FAWM! Maybe we can write another chapter in the saga of Analog Man with @conorg !
Hi, have a wonderful FAWM. Already an impressive list of challenges
Hey there, great to see you back!
Hey Rin!!!
So good to see you back this year! 🤗
Welcome Back!
Hey Rin, welcome and have great FAWM