Pronouns: he/they. The gender binary is like Newtonian color theory: two scientifically unsound ideas that just won't go away.

At this point, I am more agender than male, but presenting as male is convenient and I just don't care enough to make a fuss about it.

In 2018, I did FAWM Squared, Fourteen 14-track improvised albums. When I completed my 14th, I celebrated with a 15th. Then to help the community hit a song-count milestone, I did two more albums on the last day.


Interested in doing a collaboration? Have I earwormed you enough you want to cover one of them? Free free.

Pretty much all of my stuff is released Creative Commons Attribution, which is similar to Public Domain in nearly every aspect except that you need to credit me.

You can make derivatives. You can use traditional copyright on your stuff. You make all the money, etc. You _just_ need to credit me.

I'm also giving explicit permission to feel free to post without waiting for me to approve it. You already have permission.


After FAWM, how do you want to attribute me?

My bandname is "yam655".
My website is https://yam655.com
My legal (and anonymous) name is: Steven Black

I don't care how you attribute me, as long as you attribute me. When in doubt, "Steven Black (https://yam655.com/)" is always good.


This year, I've bought a house and am actively moving during February. My style of improvisational acapella allows me to sing while packing, unpacking, and driving, though, so... I'm going to try to beat my previous record while exclusively multitasking with my move!

My previous record is 298 songs or ~14.9 hours, so I want 300 songs or 15 hours.

Transcribing all these songs is problematic at best. Particularly when I don't want to spend any time on it... I do have the legacy Otter.AI subscription, though, so I have more than enough hours available there -- however even though it is acapella, it does sometimes have issues with singing. I apologize.


Heyyy, hello fellow weirder earthling! Wishing you a great FAWM!
FAWMseason greetings. Have a funFAWM Steven.
I am pretty sure you are the one who clued me in to Hookpad. If so, I wanted to thank you. It's been really, really helpful. I still have a lot more to learn from it but it pushed me to start writing my own chords, and understanding how the heck chords work better.

So, all this to say, may your FAWM be excellent. Yay!
Happy FAWM, Steven!
300 songs = a truly amazing goal. Go for it!
Hey there Steven, great to see you again, your attitude to FAWM always gets me unstuck and I love you for it.
yay! here we are again. Good luck with the move/multitasking!
Your back...have a great FAWM.
Great to see you here as always. I wouldn't be here without you!
I really am looking forward to hearing more of your tracks this February, and maybe I will be able to come up with another collab!
Congrats on the new house!